About Us.

God Blessed Children’s Talent (GBCT) is a non-government and non-profit making organization, which was established on the 28th, April 2018 in accordance to the part of the companies and allied matter of act.Out of desire to provide shelter, clothing, emotional care and give with a secure hopeful future for the motherless, abandoned and the vulnerable children in our society. God Blessed Children’s Talent is also a shadow with the prerogative or duty to ensure that people who sexually violate children are brought to book and also face the verdicts of the law in tandem with protection of children Act 1978, and also Civil government Act 1982.

Our Vision

To recognize the impacts of children in our nation and the world at large

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Our History

God Blessed Children’s Talent was established by Temitope Williams, in fulfillment of his pledge to God to be a foster parent to many children, rescuing them from obscurity and attain significance in broad perspectives nation at large between ages of 2 to 12.

Let us provide these children with a hospitable shelter, care and education. We would save them from hardened and miserable life of crime.

Nigeria has the largest number of children out of school in the world. God Blessed Children’s Talent is an instrument for achieving educational shift of less privileged children.

I invite you all to come and serve with us to rescue and also restore the rehabilitation of these children back to school and the society as useful members.

Mission Statement

God Blessed Children’s Talent is dedicated to the rehabilitation and defense of abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children, our aim is to rescue children providing guidance, encouragement, influence filled with fear of God, providing them with physical emotional and spiritual growth

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